The New Toyota RAV4 at Toyota World of Clinton Has Toyota's First-Ever Camera-Based Digital Rearview Mirror

If you are looking for a vehicle will versatility and great performance features, you will love the new Toyota RAV4 at Toyota World of Clinton. Not only does it have all the horsepower you need to get up to speed fast, but it also offers you a variety of different drive modes so you can tackle all types of weather conditions and terrain. To add to the excellent handling and driving capabilities, the new RAV4 also has a multi-link rear suspension to give you a smooth and comfortable ride.

Safety Features

Airbags - The new RAV4 comes with a total of eight airbags. They are seat-mounted, as well as under the driver's knees, and there's also a seat cushion airbag on the passenger's side.

Star Safety System - The Star Safety System has a variety of great features like the anti-lock brake system, brake assist, traction control, and smart stop technology.

Blind-Spot Monitor - With the blind-spot monitor, your vehicle can automatically detect when another vehicle is approaching the blind area of your RAV4. Once the detection is made, you will be provided with multiple warnings.


Remote Connect

Remote Connect allows you to locate your vehicle, lock and unlock your doors, and start your vehicle by the touch of your Apple Watch or Android smartwatch. For residents in the Clinton NJ area, this feature will most definitely come in handy during rush hour.

Digital Rearview Mirror

The digital rearview mirror allows you to see all obstacles behind you while you are reversing into a parking space or out of your drive. By having access to these views, you can easily avoid rear-end collisions with other vehicles or obstacles directly behind you. This feature is Toyota's first digital rearview mirror that is camera-based.

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